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Chocolate Chip Marbled Fudge Cupcakes

Description : This recipe uses the recipe for Marbled Cupcakes, which are a variation on the Yellow Cupcakes, I have added miniature semisweet chocolate morsels to take cake batter for an added dose of chocolate. If that were not enough, the cupcakes are crowned with Fudge Frosting and a candy decoration that looks like a very […]

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Dirt and Worm Cupcakes

Description : Chocolate  cake plus  Chocolate Frosting  and ground chocolate cookies for dirt make for a ‘dirty’ cupcake. Add gummy worms creeping out  of the ‘dirt’ looking cupcake. Add gummy  worms creeping out of the dirt and you have a perfect cupcake for children’s birthdays. Field Note : The little might sound yucky, but these are […]

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Tombstone Cupcakes

Chocoalte cake and frosting get a covering of chocolate cookie crumb “dirt.” A chocolate-covered graham cracker is the perfect shape for tombstone. Yield : 18 cemetery-friendly cupcakes Ingredients :  1 batch Chocolate Cupcakes in brown paper liners 1½ batches Fudge Frosting 1¾ cups ground chocolate cookie crumbs 18 chocolate-covered graham crackers Wilton Icing Writer in […]

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Hairy Spider Cupcakes

These cupcake are delightfully creepy. The “hair” is chocolate shavings, and to keep them dark and sinister looking, they are chocolate through and through-chocolate cake and frosting, in addition to the “hair.” The legs are made from chow mein noodles. I use small round confetti candies for eyes, but you could use anything small and […]

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