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Bride and Groom Cupcakes

Yellow or white cupcakes are topped with with and chocolate fondant glaze. Further embellishment is provided by rolled fondant cut out into shapes to make “clothes,” which are decorated with piped icing. There are 23 cupcakes to decorate, so someone has to be the odd man (or woman) out. If you are associated with one […]

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Tombstone Cupcakes

Chocoalte cake and frosting get a covering of chocolate cookie crumb “dirt.” A chocolate-covered graham cracker is the perfect shape for tombstone. Yield : 18 cemetery-friendly cupcakes Ingredients :  1 batch Chocolate Cupcakes in brown paper liners 1½ batches Fudge Frosting 1¾ cups ground chocolate cookie crumbs 18 chocolate-covered graham crackers Wilton Icing Writer in […]

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