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Christmas Tree Cupcakes

The fun part of these cupcakes is the “Christmas tree” on top, which is an ice cream cone that kids can decorate. These are great to serve at a Christmas party. You can present the cones plain, so that the kids can frost them and affix the “decorations,” or you can frost them yourself and […]

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Heartfelt Cupcakes

These cupcakes are topped with heart-shaped butter cookies that have a small heart cut out from the center. When placed on top of the frosted cupcake, a bit of frosting pokes through the cutout-just enough to hold a sprinkling of edible red glitter. You may use any master cupcake recipe you like for this. Yield […]

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“Champagne” Cupcakes

While I use champagne flutes to drink my champagne, I tought the saucer-style champagne glass was more visually approprite for these cupcakes. The Wilton Icing Writer makes the process of piping the champagne glasses very quick and easy. Yield : 23 festive cupcakes Ingredients : 23 paper liners 1 batch batter from White Cupcakes or […]

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